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Profit-ize Your Business

The Profit-ize your book series has one goal - to grow your PROFITABLE business.

Each book has strategies that you can start using today. And every strategy has a downloadable worksheet to help you take action and move your business forward.

There are six books in the series:

  • Profit-ize Your Business Book One: Marketing Strategies for Business Growth Gets you thinking about marketing your business in a whole different way including how to "steal" (marketing info) from your competitors, why your customers are your BEST source of new product ideas, and why your marketing message has to include this. Learn more....
  • Profit-ize Your Business Book Two: Sales and Membership Programs.  Your business has to make sales to PROFIT. Learn the sales strategies that can grow your business. And learn why you may want to add a membership or loyalty program to build your audience. Learn more...
  • Profit-ize Your Business Book Three: Pricing and Affiliate Marketing. Pricing can feel like guessing. Learn the psychology and the counter-intuitive strategies (and why you might be pricing TOO LOW). If you have never considered adding Affiliate Marketing (either as a seller or buyer) you are missing out on a profitable stream of income. Learn more....
  • Profit-ize Your Business Book Four: SEO and Business Development. SEO is an overlooked (and under-used) way to grow your business by allowing more customers to find you when they need to buy. And Business Development strategies will help you PROFIT. Learn more...
  • Profit-ize your Business Book Five: Prospecting, Client Acquisition, and AI for Your Business. Learn Prospecting strategies that can gain you new audiences AND new clients. Find out how even the smallest of your businesses can effectively leverage the power of AI for sales, marketing and business operations. Learn more...
  • Profit-ize Your Business: Make Money, Increase Profits. For businesses ready to tackle all aspects of their business, this complete edition contains all five of the Profit-ize books.

Learn More About the Profit-ize Series

I write books to help small business grow and profit. These no-fluff, no BS books will help you to think (and act) strategically about your business.

My Profit-ize Your Business series is all about marketing, sales, and business operations. There are six books in the series so you can learn the tried-and-true strategies that are updated to take advantage of new techniques. If your business is not growing or PROFITING the way you want, learn the strategies that can amp up your growth and profits.

My Make Money At Home series is all about finding (and starting) the business of your dreams. There are three books in this series. The first book helps you dive into finding what you love - and the specific niche that can be profitable. The second and third books will help you launch that passion business.

Learn more about each series.

Make Money at Home

Publishing: Summer 2024

The Make Money at Home series has one goal - to help you discover (and learn to profit from) your hobby.

There are three books in the Make Money at Home series.

This series will be published in Summer 2024

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