About Browne u0026amp; CompanyWhy work with Browne u0026amp; Company?

Social engagement.
Email list funnels and social Messenger chat bot sequences are all we do.

Email Funnel Solutions:

We know email and can recommend solutions from off-the-rack to custom tailored, depending on your need and budget.

Need a simple solution? We can customize a standard email funnel that will keep your audience engaged and move them toward your goal.

Ready to take your list to the next level? We can test, segment, tag, and set interval timing for your email funnel. We can create custom funnels for each audience with landing pages and lead magnets to engage and deliver.

Messenger Bot Deployment:

Want to directly engage your leads with Messenger bots? Chatbots are the ultimate social engagement tool.

Need a simple solution? Create a simple bot that interacts and delivers content directly to your fans. Drive engagement to a landing page or content.

Ready to take your engagement to the next level? We can rapid-deploy Messenger bot sequences that do everything from answering routine questions to delivering real-time content. We can create sequences that use logic decision trees to customize the experience.

The money is in the list.

But only if you know how to manage and engage that list. Just having big numbers is no guarantee of big sales. Email can enhance your social engagement across platforms.

Browne will analyze your goals and fill in the holes in your marketing – or start a campaign from the ground up so we can logically and methodically build your email and Facebook base.

Yes…the money is in a tightly targeted list filled with subscribers and fans who are your ideal customers.

Leads come to your list from many ways – and don’t share the same interests.

Knowing where a lead came from isn’t enough. You have to segment your list so you can deliver content that feels custom tailored to the recipient.

This is the secret sauce that Browne can help you deploy. Segmented lists, logical path designs, and tested copy can help you zero in on your best target market.

We understand social engagement.

Whether you are looking for a basic onboarding email funnel or a logic-driven Messenger bot sequence, we can script responses that engage.

Deliver content? Check.

Create and test engaging sequences? Check.

Target traffic to landing pages? Check.

Work cross-platform? Check.

Social engagement? Check.

Stories are the bedrock of great customer relationships.

Let Browne u0026amp; Company build an engaged audience of targeted leads who are interested in what you do. Because it’s not the size of your list that matters, it’s the enthusiasm of the people on the list that matters.

Let us help you find leads and then turn those leads into sales.

Contact us today. We will work with you to create a solution that works for your business, your budget, and your marketing needs.