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RE Agents…can we have a little talk?

Let’s pretend that it’s another year further into your career.

Last year, you resolved to be more consistent about your marketing efforts. You were so tired of panic-mode marketing and spending wa-a-a-y too much time (and money) on things that just don’t work.

A year ago, you promised yourself that you would be more consistent about your marketing. You read a bazillion blog posts, listened to hours and hours of podcasts, and devoured a few dozen books. Everyone had different ideas – and you tried them all.

❌A month of this. Three weeks of that.

❌Nothing stuck so you kept trying new things.

❌You know what we call this? Chasing “shiny things.”

❌Always thinking that THIS “shiny thing” will be THE ONE to finally get some traction and consistency for your business.

Can I give your future self some advice?

❌Trying a bunch of stuff on your own is a sure recipe for not advancing. (After all – you signed up to be a RE agent, not a marketing agent, right?)

❌Chasing “shiny things” is a WASTE of your time.

Isn’t it time for you to finally get proven marketing strategies in place?

Wouldn’t you like to have a BLUEPRINT to follow? A blueprint that maps out EXACTLY the steps to finally get your marketing consistent and profitable?

So…where will you be in a year?

YES TO – Marketing consistently and confidently

YES TO – No longer chasing “shiny things”

YES TO – Not wasting time or money

YES TO – Having a pipeline full of clients who know and trust you


So…future self…what’s it going to be?

A frustrating year of trying and trying to get something going? Or a confident year of consistent marketing?

You decide…

If you are READY to implement a system that is easy to understand, delivers consistent leads, and positions you as THE EXPERT in your area…then


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