Patricia Browne has been working with Quincy (Massachusetts) Public Schools since 1995.  She has designed web sites, created course catalogs, actively marketed education programs, written press releases, designed brochures and fliers, and much more.


Web Design



The original site was created in 1997 by Patricia Browne and underwent a complete redesign and overhaul in 2003.  The goal of the redesign was to take the parts of
the original site that were working well (the school pages, some content) and expand.  Browne completely redesigned the architecture of the site and reorganized the site to make it easier for end-users (students, parents, and staff) to use.  The other goal was to make it as easy as possible for the client to be able to continue to add content to the site. Browne selected WordPress as the new front-end to the existing site, allowing the client to leverage the thousands of pages of existing content while still providing a more user-friendly way to manage content.
One of the biggest challenges were that users were generally not technical, so the the content management system had to be understandable and attainable to all end users regardless of their technical skills. Browne conducted individual and group training sessions, and designed and wrote all course materials for these classes.  The success of this training is that since the site was built, the client has added nearly 5000 pages of school-specific content, giving end-users an incredible breadth of content that they need to serve their students.
Since 2003, Browne has continued to support the client in updating, managing, and troubleshooting the site. Browne also created an online registration program for their adult education program which allowed students to go online, select courses and generate a registration.   This site served the client for over 5 years before they opted to change their program.
In 2011, Browne & Company  completed a top-to-bottom overhaul of this site.  As WordPress had been working well on their front end for several years, and they had a user base trained, we suggested that the client transition the site completely over to WordPress for its ease of use, wealth of features, and flexibility.  The new site is a the first complete revamp in over 7 years. Every aspect of the site including structure, content, and design changed.
Browne also focused on providing many new features including translation software (Quincy students speak over 37 languages), an interactive calendaring system, social media presence with automatic updates – all using free, open-source software. This kept Quincy’s costs down while still providing the new features that students, parents, teachers, and staff required.
Browne & Company assisted the client in evaluating their current content and based on their priorities, worked with teams of teachers, principals, and technologists to create a new architecture for the site.   Browne worked with teams of teachers, administrators, and staff to address concerns about this new web site.  The site was launched in August 2011.



Print Work

For nearly 15 years, Browne has created and designed print projects for Quincy Public Schools.  Here are a few examples of her work:

Career Connections:

The Career & Technical Department prints a quarterly newsletter which is distributed to students, staff, business partners, and families.  The goal of this newsletter is to educate students about the career services available, alternative careers, training options, and more.  This newsletter has been published since April 2008.  Browne works with Career Specialists, researches and writes original content, finds relevant web sources for students, does the design and layout for every issue.  See sample issues:

June 2008

January 2009




Picture Yourself Learning With Us

This is a series of three ads for the adult education program in 2007.  The humor and design of the ads were aimed to attract a slightly younger audience.

See originals

What’s Missing Ad

Dancing Shoes Ad

Picture Yourself Ad



Partnership Program


Quincy Public Schools has a very active partnership program which connects local and regional businesses to the school system.  Programs are tailored to match the giving needs of businesses to the needs of students and the schools.  Browne has designed targeted advertising, web, written compelling direct mail packages, and promotional pieces for this program for nearly 10 years, helping the program grow to its current multi-million dollar value today.


Fall 2008 Fundraising Events

Fall Fundraising Brochure