A Kick in the Complacency

Just read a post that was refreshingly honest about the chances we sometimes are afraid to take – and what the costs us. It’s called Women 2.0 Stop Sabotaging Your Own Success: A Manifesto by Sara Rosso (VIP Global Services Manager, WordPress – shown in the ...Read More

Going GeekGirl!

GeekGirl camp is on Saturday at Cape Cod Community College in Hyannis and I am signed up to volunteer. It is an all-day tech-a-thon with the goal of getting both newbies started with tech and giving more experienced users some advanced classes. I have ...Read More

The Power of Content

What keeps people turning pages in a best-selling novel long after they should be asleep? Why do people have “appointment TV” time? Why do we sit around after family dinners, hearing for the thousandth time how Uncle Stan and Aunt Louise met in the ...Read More

Zemanta and Me

Just checked out a new technology called Zemanta.  Saw a demo at the WordCamp in Boston in July and finally have some time to really dive in and see what the technology actually does. Imagine you had someone looking at everything you typed, and ...Read More