Why Your Audience QUALITY Matters

Your offer may be irresistible – right product, right service, right price – but only if you present it to people who understand its value. You aren’t going to sell the most delicious, perfectly prepared steak to a vegetarian. Right offer to the wrong audience.

What does it look like when you align your business with your audience?

The client journey:

This (real but information-changed-to-protect-privacy) client:

  • sells information products to other entrepreneurs
  • offers a professional service around his skills
  • writes and promotes books around his expertise

The client’s¬†problem:

  • His message was fragmented – three messages for three services
  • His marketing was all over the place – literally. Too many places because of FOMO (fear of missing out)
  • WAY too much time spent working on his marketing meant less time for working on his business
  • He was zigging and zagging trying every new shiny marketing tactic that came along.
  • No traction for his marketing efforts because there was no plan in place for execution and a cohesive message.

The solution:

First, we aligned his offerings around a single message so we could target related audiences.

The offerings were broad enough to meet his professional needs, but tight enough that there was no confusion about who he served.

Next, we focused on making him a “big fish in a small (but lucrative) pond.”

We looked over all the channels where he was marketing and winnowed it down so that he could make a bigger impact in fewer places. And those places were selected based around where his best quality leads congregated.

Once we had messaging and media channels, it was time to create a marketing plan.

We set up the plan around limited release of his information product, a book launch schedule that supports both his info product launch schedule and his done-for-you services, and done-for-you products that were treated as the “limited availability” that they truly were.

He embraced advertising.

We started with a small (read: teeny) budget with a hyper-targeted audience and he was able to grow his audience and profile. With test ads, retargeting traffic, and look alike audiences, we were able to prove the ROI.

We started with the books and built his audience with reviews and offering packages. The book audiences were leveraged to his info product offering. The info product audience was offered done-for-you services if they showed interest in the info product but did not buy.

We tested and tweaked until we had a winning concept.

We reverse engineered his offerings and marketing to align everything toward the sale.

His messaging on his website, sales pages, emails, social media, and even his product, book, and done-for-you offerings were all aligned around making the sale. When we started at the end – conversion – it made it easier to work backwards to lead generation and brand awareness.

Has it worked?

The results took a few months. It was a little scary for him to let go of his old methods – but he quickly saw that he was speaking to better audiences who understood the VALUE of what he was offering.

He gained about 250 new subscribers and improved his open and click through rates.

He also lost and deleted a couple of hundred subscribers – but they were simply taking up space on his list and were never going to buy. This was scary – but the improved attention to his offers and his profile as an expert was worth losing subscribers who were not interested in his offer.

He has a specific plan around his offerings and can spend more time on his business and less time doing random things to move his business forward.

He has planned future offerings – books and info products – to appeal directly to his new audiences. And with this plan, products support and reinforce each other, making it easier to offer upsells and packages.

His plan makes it easier for him to know precisely what he needs to focus on at any time. And with a system in place, he can outsource tasks such as social media posting and graphics with confidence.

So…less stress, better quality leads, and more time for his business.

I won’t lie…getting to this process is work. And yes, you will still need to find the quality audience that is interested in your product or service. You are still starting with an wide audience of people who are unaware of you (and maybe haven’t even defined their own problem yet) and take them through the process with purpose.

why audience quality matters

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