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White papers, case studies, web content, multimedia. Starting with original research and data, I tell stories about your product or service. Those stories can take the form of a white paper or case study as part of your marketing collateral. The data can be used for a data-driven infographic that can be shared on social media or a slide show


You’re juggling a lot of responsibilities: creating content that connects, converts, and sells your product. It’s a never-ending cycle that needs constant feeding. What if you could find a trusted partner to take on some of the tasks on your ever-growing list? I have the skills and marketing know how to… Speak to your audience Meet them on the platforms


Putting all the pieces together helps create a unified strategy. Creating and working your marketing plan. While 88% of B2B marketers use content marketing, only 32% have a written content marketing plan. Creating and implementing a strategy means: Better utilization of your marketing dollars More consistent messaging Plan for product launches, events, and sales cycles Cross-platform content utilization  

What Clients Say...
Sean Kenney
Sean KenneyEarlyBird Power
We wanted to develop a sales presentation for in-person meetings with our prospective clients.

Patricia Browne not only created a clear and effective presentation with a fresh, dynamic look, but she helped to refine our messaging and made sure it was connected to our overall brand.

.She asked questions about our business, made great suggestions, and created a fresh approach, assuring our messaging was clear, accessible, and complete. Patricia was always responsive and professional, and kept the project on track and on budget. Thanks, Patricia!
Keith Segalla
I have worked with Patricia Browne, Browne & Company, for over 15 years.

Whether working with our internal teams or handing her a project to manage from start to finish, she is incredibly thorough and detail-oriented.

She consistently works to make our projects professional and brings a fresh perspective to the table. She goes beyond expectations to provide an end result that the entire Quincy community can be proud of. You will be happy with Patricia Browne – and her work.
Patrick Kane

I like working with Patricia because she understands how to translate clinical jargon into writing that people can understand.

It is a real skill to organize medical information in an online format that easily accessible and understandable.
Kenneth Davis
It has  been my privilege to work with Patricia on a number of projects over the years.

She is the consummate professional with real world experience and expertise.

I have never been disappointed with the quality or her work. In particular, I have been impressed with her ability to meet deadlines and deliverables. She has consistently been a valuable asset to me.
Cynthia Lehtinen
Cynthia LehtinenJML Care Center
Our project involved several components: print, web, and marketing.
Patricia Browne took the time to listen to many groups and individuals within our organization, incorporating different goals and points of view. Regardless of the task, she presented solutions that matched our desired outcome and time to completion.

The finished project reflects our organization – and met our overall goal of increased positive visibility within our community and region.


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